AAS Minerals

A patented technology to bind inorganic mineral salts to amino acids with the intention to make them soluble. With the solubility, we increase or maintain (depending on the salt) the minerals bioavailability. Also, this binding leaves a neutral taste and as our investigations show, it lowers their toxicity. In food and beverages fortification it has another benefit because the stability prevents interactions with other substances in the matrix. The AAS minerals support thermal process and shelf life.

Fumarato de Calcio Glicina labels

The bioavailability and toxicity have begin studied by third party investigations and the essays were publish in prestigious journals. Multinational corporations such as Danone, Cadbury Schweppes and DSM Nutritional Products are using them.

The partnership strategy we are looking for this technology consist in an exclusive license agreement and royalty payment. Although there is production capability we are looking for someone that has enough resource to manufacture them in US or Canada.

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